About This Project

The music for this class is fun and familiar to them and expands on the techniques learned by our younger classes. We do some warming up, stretching, progressions across the room (including skips, kicks and basic turning skills) as well as putting together a dance for the recital/concert.


Bronze Star, Teen Jazz Students are building on their jazz technique and skills to popular and age-appropriate music.  Some examples of the techniques our jazz students will learn include turns, kicks, leaps and body isolations. Students also learn combinations and routines as well as a routine for our annual showcases and concert. At all levels, children are encouraged to participate in their exams.


Jazz – Students require black jazz and tap shoes with socks or theatrical pink tights. For their uniform, students may wear any combination of SCIPA shirts, crop tops, leotards, shorts or pants from our SCIPA uniform shop. Hair must be neatly pulled back from the face in a ponytail or bun.