About This Project

Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2 Royal Academy of Dance Ballet.

By Intermediate foundation, students are entering a vocational level of ballet that demands an increase in classes and commitment to training. At Intermediate Foundation exam level pointe is introduced.

There are opportunities for students in this class to participate in ballet exams which will encourage them to progress through the program/syllabus and work and to move up into the next graded level.



Ballet– Ballet students required have soft ballet flats (preferably MDM stretch canvas), Pointe Shoes / (black boys) these can be purchased from your trusted dance supply shop. Intermediate students and above are required to work in Demi Pointe Shoes (not soft ballet flats).

For Ballet classes you will need THEATRICAL PINK BALLET TIGHTS.

At this level students are invited to wear leotards of their own colour and style choice.

Hair MUST be in a neat classical ballet bun for all ballet classes.