About This Project

Modern dance class allows the student to develop their expressive and emotive connection to movement and music. They are able to employ their classical ballet technique in this class whilst enjoying a freedom of movement in space, time and energy that is not applied in traditional ballet classes. A ballet base is strongly advised for the correct ease and execution of modern dance movements. Children will enjoy floorwork, working in parallel, exploring abstract shapes and counterbalances with partners. They will continue refining their flexibility, strength and control from ballet and other technique classes.


Students may wear foot undeez or half sole shoes OR bare feet. Students should wear a leotard and SCIPA Shorts or SCIPA crop and SCIPA shorts or a leotard on its own but with any of those options,  pink ¾ length tights or full length theatrical pink/flesh  convertible tights must be worn. Hair must be neatly pulled back from the face in a bun.