About This Project

Primary Ballet the second level of Royal Academy of Dance ballet. Aimed at children who are at big school attending Kindergarten/Grade 1. Children continue developing the skills they have learnt in Pre Primary, only they will begin working on alternate sides of the body, in different levels, in more complex combinations and patterns, with partners and in groups as well as on their own all the while still engaging in content that is musical, imaginative and creative. This is the first level at which examinations can be taken in ballet.



Ballet– Ballet students must have ballet shoes (pink girls) / (black boys) these can be purchased from your trusted dance supply shop.

For Ballet classes you will need THEATRICAL PINK BALLET TIGHTS. Pink ballet socks are ONLY acceptable for Bambini, Pre Primary and Primary Ballet. Black or White leotards (no other colours) must be worn for ballet classes. Hair MUST be in a neat classical ballet bun for all ballet classes.