Adult - Ballet
About This Project

Examination Classes are offered in the R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dance) Syllabus. The R.A.D is the largest and most influential Dance organization in the world. Examinations are offered from Primary through to Advanced 2. Classical Ballet is the basis of all other styles and is essential to any dancers training.

We offer a Beginners Ballet Class for those who have little to no ballet experience and would like to start with the basics. Advanced Ballet for ex dancers and those with substantial ballet experience. This class is suited to those who have a solid classical vocabulary and are able to pick up exercises and combinations with ease.

Ballet– Ballet students must have MDM ballet shoes (pink girls) / (black boys) these can be purchased from your trusted dance supply shop.

For Ballet classes you will need THEATRICAL PINK BALLET TIGHTS. Black or White leotards (no other colours) must be worn for ballet classes. Hair MUST be in a neat classical ballet bun for all ballet classes.